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February 25, 2008

Stuff White People Like

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Stuff White People Like is funny.


February 14, 2008

James Murphy

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I kind of want to hate on him, but his ability to consistently step up his game makes it hard. The new single does obviously recall Arthur Russell, but he adds funk from sources that are more like Ricardo Villalobos (one the one hand) and Yello (on the other) than they are like Bootsy Collins. I saw him with 10 million other people (inlcuidng MTV’s John Norris!) in NYC last summer, which didn’t make up for not seeing the Boredoms with 77 drummers, but was pretty ok in its own way.

February 8, 2008

sonic oldies, and the youth of today

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If Barry Obama becomes president, we’ll have a president eight years younger than Sonic Youth’s bassist.

In other Sonic Youth news, Daydream Nation is now the name of a new teen comedy starring the cheerleader from Heroes.

February 7, 2008

under Brooklyn

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This is quite pretty, really.

Thursday mornings

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I almost always listen to Know Your Rights. That’s pretty much the only EVR show I listen to.

February 6, 2008

who wants some testicles?

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I’m intrigued by the menu at a fan ti in Flushing. I’ve never had testicles before. (I mean to eat…uh, to digest). I don’t know if I’m up for testes or lamb eye in brown sauce, but I’m not especially opposed to eating brains or lamb stomach.

Lamb eye in brown sauce is funny because I bet you can totally pick it out of the food and put it on your face. Though then you’d have brown sauce on your face, which is kind of gross.

phrase of the day

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remarkable pavillion. Thanks, AC360!

February 1, 2008


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in honor of the weekend, have some test dept. no other industrial music was ever as good as this video.

U.S. 80s-90s

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I’m listening to the B-52s new song and reading about how Ralph Nader is going to run for president. Funplex is a good name for an album. Ralph Nader is a terrible name for a person. The first word is homonymic for vomit, the latter is homophonic for lowest point. Homophonic would have been an even better name for a B-52s album.

The Fall is unrelated to this conversation, other than the fact that Mark E Smith is looking more and more like he’s Ralph Nader’s age, not Fred Whatshisname’s. That said, I like the aging Mark E. Smith and wish he was my secret grandpa who would gave me sips from his flask under the Thanksgiving dinner table.

I am a bit obsessed with the appearances of middle-aged punk icons. It’s tough to do gracefully, but I think that going the premature-Johnny-Cash route is a good way to go. Vaguely related: The Slits are coming to town–hooray!

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