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May 7, 2008


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Harmonia is playing at ATP-NY, which I am totallye excited about. Seeing Faust at a small venue (where Lee Ranaldo told me to shush during a Zeena Parkins performance) was a highlight of the 1990s for me, perhaps Harmonia will be a highlight of the 00s for me.

That 1994 concert, come to think of it, had quite a lineup: AMM, Gate (Lee Ranaldo), Faust, Zeena Parkins, Tony Conrad, Keiji Haino, Psychic Hearts (another Sonic Youth side project). I was in college and totally annoyed Thurston Moore and Keiji Haino who were sitting in a van with the sliding door open. Also it was Freaknik weekend, so it was like incredibly hard to get around the city.


May 6, 2008

science fair projects

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this made my day.

May 1, 2008

pretty much all that needs to be said about scarjo

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If you’re so goddamned interested in actresses who sing, start covering fucking musical theater.

play loud!

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